The Intersection of Activism and Entertainment

Pop culture is everywhere and shapes our ideas and beliefs.

Activism, say hello to pop culture.

Imagine a home planet where all beings are fed, housed, and valued for their authentic selves. To get there, we need to alter some very basic systems and beliefs considered normal for too long.


We’ve worked with clients like

Gloria Steinem, Lollapalooza, and Blueprint NC

on issues like racial justice, climate change, women’s rights, and electoral reform.

Silver Muse Productions plans campaigns and events designed to move progressive ideas center stage. We work with nonprofits, artists, musicians, and leaders across the country whose work mends (or replaces) what needs fixing in our culture. Whether developing the strategy for your campaign launch or managing logistics for your large-scale event, we inspire your audiences into action through the power of pop culture. We bring together the right team for each project and can work with you at any stage of the adventure.

So, what’s your idea, and how can we ignite the spark?


Why choose us?

We develop your campaign, media strategy, or large-scale event based on:

Hands holding plus signs for positive values


We are committed to a world where everyone is valued, healthy, and whole.

Arrow navigating through small icons for strategy


We have decades of experience in strategic activism. If we can’t do it, we know who can.

Heart with "ABC," love of ideas and writing


We love helping you get your ideas on paper. Then, we love launching those ideas into action.

Circle with arrows moving outward, big picture thinking


We hold the birds-eye-view and smallest details (tiny seed!) at the same time. Both are critical to your success.

Claudette Silver’s shop is an all-in-one for political genius. She combines a vast network of resources, organizational brilliance and down home smarts with the ability to work collaboratively with everyone from rural activists trying to keep a school open to urban millennials organizing voters. She planned three political tours for us, and we won every state.
— KRISTINA KIEHL, Film Producer and Co-Founder Voters for Choice