The Intersection of Activism and Entertainment

Strategy is the foundation of everything we do.

The way to understand and measure success starts with a clear understanding of your goals. It’s easy to jump into tactics; we know details are critical, but they exist to support the big picture strategy. We see both. We love both.


Before we take on any project, we build time into the process for research. We look at your issue through a strategic lens to tune in and turn on your audiences. Then, we leverage the everyday media and culture around us to move your ideas forward. Our tactics are rooted in deep, deep strategy and maybe a little UFO magic.

Our work together will look a lot like the following:




Each project starts with a free 30-minute meeting where we’ll start to uncover who you are, what you need, and how you define success.


THE Pitch

From there, we’ll create a proposal for you that outlines project scope, budget, and timeline. We’ll also flesh out our team, based on the needs of the project. We work with strategists, organizers, and activists across the country, so if your project dictates, we’ll grow our team accordingly.



After the scope, budget and timeline are set, we will start to dig. We’ll review all internal docs, media stories, partner websites, social media posts, and anything else we need to review in order to fully understand your issue. We will also examine how your situation fits into the overall landscape at the local, state, and national levels, including a look at the upcoming calendar for particular pressure points related to your issue.


THE Plan

With background research in hand, we’ll identify your goals and create a strategy to reach them. This plan will be entirely unique to your issue, timeline, and budget. It will also include a dose of pop culture.



Last, we will help on the ground. We will build in a base number of implementation hours to implement your plan. The campaign or event we co-create will be the end product of a creative, strategic (and hopefully fun) process.

Ready to brainstorm?

In winter, I plot and plan. In spring, I move.
Working with Claudette while she was in Florida was like being connected with an old friend. She was energetic, professional, responsive to the needs of her client and eager to learn about the cities and new people she was meeting. The entire project felt more like a labor of love than just a campaign.
— MINDI FETTERMAN, Florida Activist